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I've always been used to Ricoh launching about one new camera a year, but over the past 12 months the company has gone into overdrive. Ricoh's CX3 is a compact digital camera for users who want something largely automatic and comfortable to use. It's a light camera with a big. The Ricoh CX3 has been introduced by Ricoh in Type: Digital compact camera; Sensor: 1/inch Back-illuminated CMOS.

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Ricoh CX3 Camera Driver

Ricoh Inside is where the differences between the CX3 and its predecessors become more apparent.

Ricoh CX3 review: Ricoh CX3 - CNET

Its sensor is a megapixel back-illuminated CMOS variety, which is purported to reduce noise as the sensitivity increases, as well as retain more detail and colour. Other new Ricoh CX3 Camera include an enhanced dynamic range Ricoh CX3 Camera shot, which is a form of HDR where the camera takes two shots, and merges them together in-camera to preserve the most detail in photographs with tricky lighting situations.

The CX3's fast burst shooting speed allows the camera to take 5 frames per second at full resolution. There is also a new S-Auto mode taking the place of the easy auto on the previous Ricoh CX3 Camera which removes most of the control from the photographer and selects the most appropriate scene mode for the image. If you want to shoot images that retain detail in both the highlight and shadow areas, then the Ricoh CX3 is a great choice.

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You can see the results of using the the different modes for yourself on the Image Quality page, with a side-by side comparison of the Normal Ricoh CX3 Camera four different DR modes. There is one Ricoh CX3 Camera drawback though; the DR images have noticeably less saturated colours than the Normal version, which more accurately matches the scene.

The CX3 is the very first Ricoh camera to offer HD video recording, a long overdue feature that most competitors have Ricoh CX3 Camera for a while now. There are three movie sizes available - x, x and x pixels - all at 30 frames per second.

Ricoh CX3 Camera Driver Download

There are three scene modes of particular interest. The Discreet mode turns off the flash, AF Assist lamp and all operational sounds, very convenient when shooting in museums or anywhere that Ricoh CX3 Camera don't want to draw attention to yourself. The new Pets mode turns off the flash, AF auxiliary light and sounds to avoid startling your loved one, although it can only detect and focus on cat's faces canine owners need to look elsewhere.

The CX3 takes 7 consecutive images at different focal distances and allows you to choose the best one. It's quite useful for macro work when it's tricky to judge the exact focus point, although the combination of the CX3's high-res screen and manual focus Ricoh CX3 Camera already makes this much easier than on most other compact cameras. You can potentially also use the Multi-target Auto Focusing mode to shoot the 7 images, then combine them together in Photoshop or a similar application to create a single image with wider focus than a single image allows.

In practice, however, the CX3 tends to always focus on a particular part of the scene and doesn't differentiate enough between the Ricoh CX3 Camera shots to really make this technique effective. Multi-pattern auto white balance is useful for scenes with mixed Ricoh CX3 Camera - daylight and flash, or fluorescent and daylight, for example. Instead of just taking an average reading from the whole scene, which inevitably gets the white balance wrong for the secondary light source, the CX3 breaks the image down into small areas and analyzes and sets the white balance for each one.

Ricoh CX3: Digital Photography Review

In practice it produces a subtle but noticeable effect that is particularly useful for capturing more natural portraits when Ricoh CX3 Camera flash. Front Front By default the Adjust four-way joystick on the rear of the CX3 allows you to quickly adjust 5 different settings that are commonly used.

Even better, the Adj. The Adjust button also doubles up as the OK button to select options and it Ricoh CX3 Camera the Macro and Flash options by pressing left and right - there's another button underneath to access the Main menu system. Ricoh have also included a customisable Function Fn button, which can be optionally used to control one of 7 settings - AE Lock is a Ricoh CX3 Camera choice.

Ricoh CX3 digital camera

In theory it all sounds like a convoluted recipe for disaster, but in practice it works well, allowing quick access to most of the major functions of the camera without having to scroll through the menu system. The Ricoh CX3 is a point and shoot camera with no advanced exposure controls. Having said that, the CX3 does have a Ricoh CX3 Camera notable Ricoh CX3 Camera up its sleeve. The Fix Minimum Aperture function forces the camera to shoot at the smallest aperture available, which gives a greater depth of field in the resulting photograph.

This helps to ensure level shots, both in landscape and portrait mode.

You can view the horizontal indicator on the LCD monitor to ensure that shots are aligned horizontally. We found video shot with the CX3 to be smooth and clear, but zooming wasn't easy. If you are zoomed in when you start taking a video, you can't zoom out — you can only zoom in further Ricoh CX3 Camera then back out.

In general, you're better off not zooming at Ricoh CX3 Camera as each zoom step also introduces an audible pause in the video. Because there are no manual shooting modes on the CX3, you Ricoh CX3 Camera wrestle with the exposure like you would on an advanced compact, and this can lead to unsatisfactory results if the lighting conditions are difficult.

Ricoh CX3 Camera Drivers for Windows Download

There is no doubt that the CX3 can capture some wonderful images, but it won't work magic if the lighting is too strong or too dim. Without manual Ricoh CX3 Camera to adjust the aperture and shutter, some of your shots might be tarnished by harsh light.

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The automatic mode does its best Ricoh CX3 Camera when the light is even across an entire scene; on bright days it tends to blow out highlights. There are plenty of scene modes to play with, and you should definitely consider using them to give the camera a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

Ricoh CX3 Camera Drivers for Windows 7

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